Random Lottery

What's this?

Have you ever tried to fill a lottery, ad couldn't decide, which numbers to select? Or have you tried to base a decision on throwing a coin, but you didn't have a coin to use? The solution is: RandomLottery mobile software.

This simple application generates you almost any kind of random set of numbers, like Lotto 90/5, a simple Yes/No, throwing 2 dices,  or a roulette Red/Black (including zero) You just set any kind of  custom random scheme, save your settings and use it any time you want.

Which mobile phones are supported?

The program will run on every Java MIDP2 device. The program was tested on Nokia E51.

How to use?


There are five pre-set schemes, which you can run by selecting the "Run" option or pressing the navigation key. Here are some examples, how the result can look like:


Choosing from the options button, you can
  • edit the pre-set schemes, delete them or add new ones.
  • view the Help (not as detailed as here)
  • open the mobil homepage of this site (it may ask, if you allow to connect to the internet)
  • exit (may be you need to scroll the commands to see this option)

There are two different types of schemes: normal and special. When adding a normal scheme you can set the following parameters:
  • Name
  • Range from
  • Range to
  • Numbers selected
  • Order by
  • Repetition
  • Sets
The "Name" will appear in the first screen, when you run the program. "Numbers selected" numbers will be selected from the range "Range from" - "Range to". You can set in "Order by", if the numbers will appear in the order they were generated, or in a normal ascending or descending order. Normally you want results, where the selected numbers are surely different and can not be the same, but if you want you can allow the opposite by ticking "Repetition". When you e.g. want to simulate throwing 2 dices, then you just set range 1-6, 2 numbers selected, and repetition allowed. You can generate multiple independent results by setting it in "Sets".  You can save your new settings with the command "OK" or exit by selecting "Cancel"


Using the special scheme you can set any kind of outcome, even textual ones (like e.g. red and black) and assign any a probability with them. E.g. in roulette you can set 18/37 to red, 18/37 to black and 1/37 to zero.

You can set the "Name", "Outcomes selected" and "Sets" parameters like in the normal scheme. You can edit the outcomes list by selecting this option from the commands menu.


You can edit the outcomes, add new ones, or delete them


You assign a "Name" and an "Outcomes (form all)" to a certain outcome. The probabilities are calculated by taking into account every outcome.


Can I try it before installing on my mobile?

Yes! You can try it right now in your browser if Java is enabled. Just simply click this link.

How can I install it on my mobile?

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions.