Multiplication Division Trainer

What's this?

This application gives you multiplication and division mathematical problems in order to train your brain. Set your level of training, and start using the program. The software keeps record of your efficiency/speed.

Which mobile phones are supported?

The program will run on every Java MIDP2 device. The program was tested on Nokia E51.

How to use?

Getting started

After starting the program and showing a greeting screen, the following screen will appear:

You can immediately start solving the problems by selecting "start". The screen will be like this:

In the first row, the program keeps record of the elapsed seconds. Bellow this you can find the actual multiplication or division problem which you should solve using only your brain. If you find the problem too difficult, you can skip it. Otherwise, if you managed to calculate the result, write it in the "Write the result" field and press "OK". You will be notified whether your result is correct or not. If not, you should write a result again.



In the main menu's "Settings" command you can set the difficulty and some other options:

Operation - You can set, that the program asks from you multiplication or division

Level - Difficulty in 5 levels from 2x1 to 3x3, where the numbers mean the number of digits of the selected numbers. E.g. L4 - 4x2 means, that a 4-digit and a 2-digit number should be multiplied. In case of division, L4 - 4x2 means, that you should divide a large number with a 2-digit number, and the result will be a 4-digit one.

Show wrong answer -  If your result isn't correct, the program will notify you about it. In this setting you can set if you want to get additional information: if the result is less or higher, or that are you close (within 10%) or far from it.


In the "Statistics" menu you can find how well you performed. It displays, how fast were you in solving the problems (average time), how much are the total problems you solved, and how much did you skip. You get these statistics not just in total, but for every type (multiplication, division) and level. You can reset the counters as well.

Can I try it before installing on my mobile?

Yes! You can try it right now in your browser if Java is enabled. Just simply click this link.

How can I install it on my mobile?

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions.