Mobile Torch

What's this?

Have you ever tried to use your mobile as a torch? Did you get annoyed, that your background wasn't bright enough, and you couldn't turn the background to completely white? Or that you had to push a button on it frequently, because the light went off? The solution is: MobileTorch from

This simple application turns your mobile phone to a flashlight device. Just run is, and your display will turn into shiny white, and it will stay enlightened until you exit. Unlike many other similar applications, it really stays bright continually on supported S60 series mobile phones. You can turn it to some other colors as well.

Which mobile phones are supported?

Nokia S60 series phones are supported. The program was tested on Nokia E51. The program will run on every Java MIDP2 device, but it may not work properly, and may blink instead of continuous light. This is because the flash light function is not implemented the same way in every Java MIDP2 device.

How to use?

Just start the program, and it will work.

When you're ready, or you want to change the colour, just click on any button. You can choose to either exit the program or change the settings.

You can change the colour to white, red, green, blue or yellow.

Can I try it before installing on my mobile?

Yes! You can try it right now in your browser if Java is enabled. Just simply click this link.

How can I install it on my mobile?

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions.