How to download

Using a PC

Go to the softwares section and select the program, you want to download. In the individual software pages on the right there are 2 download links: a *.jar and a *.jad file. Download the *.jar file to your PC, and copy it to the to the file system of your mobile phone through cable bluetooth or infra connection. Then just select the file and the phone will install it for you. If for some reason this doesn't work, download the *.jad file, too. Copy it to the same directory (Don't delete the *.jar file!) on your mobile phone, and click on it.

Using this method your phone won't connect to the internet during installation.

Install directly on the phone

Open the mobile version of this page ( from your mobile phone's browser. Navigate to the selected software, and select the Install option.

How to use the online emulator

Installing Java

You can try in an online mobile emulator how the programs work on a phone, or you can simply use the softwares any time without installing on your phone. To do it  Java must be installed and enabled in your browser. If you can't see the programs running in the respective pages (you should see a mobile-like skin) you should install Java. To do this, open the site, and click on "Free java download" After downloading the file, click on it and install. This way your browser will be able to display Java programs.

Using the emulator

The programs start immediately as you load the respective page. You can use the buttons on your emulator just like on your mobile phone. Generally you can use your keyboard as well. The emulator doesn't have a backspace button, but if you press backspace on your keyboard it works. If you select "exit", the screen won't change, but the emulator will stop working. For restart, click the refresh page button in your browser.